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Multi-Craft Contractor llc

Quality and Service
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About Us
We presently offer numerous services directly through us or also through Amazon and Home Depot.

This includes many many more than the few mentioned here:

Installation of various items such as ceiling fans, shower doors, and door knobs.
Assembly of different furniture, BBQ grills, bikes, and workout equipment. 
We can hang your TV, pictures, shelves and clear out your garage or shed.

If it's an odd and end then we probably have done it. We also do the things that you can but simply do not have the time for.

Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Early Years

After being in construction since the age of 12, Frank's grandfather, Charles B. Woolley Sr. opened Multi-Craft Siding and Roofing and thus created the "Multi-Craft" name. Franks father, Charles B. Woolley Jr., then opened Multi-Craft Flooring Specialist in the 1980's after learning flooring from his brother Mario Cavicchi III. 

Trained hand and foot by his father, Frank earned a dollar ($1) an hour picking up trash on job renovation sites during his summer vacations. It was right before hurricane Katrina that Franks father retired permanently. Frank later changed the company name to Multi-Craft Contractor LLC to accurately describe the broader line of remodeling services the company offers. Frank's great grand father, Frank John Saragusa, was also a very experienced carpenter and cabinet maker. Some of the family tools have been passed down and are on display in Frank's home and workshop.

Frank's father has since passed, but his passion and commitment to his work lives on.

We at Multi-Craft pride ourselves on our ability and relentless pursuit to do your job right the first time. That is our commitment and promise to you that any one of our thousands of customers can testify to. We would like to thank all of our past, present, and future customers for putting their trust in us.

Company history
Located in Marrero, Louisiana, we have been servicing the New Orleans metropolitan and surrounding areas for over 20 years. 
Customer testimonials
Torrance Small, former New Orleans Saint had this to say, "Frank, I really appreciate you..."
We appreciate you too Mr. Small and thank you for your business.